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Baby's Memorial
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Baby's memorial was created on 5/22/2013.
Baby came into my life in an unusual way. My mom saw a kitten about 4-5 months old outside our house one day and so when I got home from work I looked for him and finally saw him following one of the older neighborhood cats around. I tried to get him to come to me but he was not interested at all. Later that same day I closed my garage door for the night and thought maybe tomorrow I will try again to catch that little guy. Well, my other cats wanted to go into the garage to play that evening and when I went out there later on, they were acting strangely and were looking under my car. So I got down on my hands and knees and lo and behold there was that little kitten! He had crawled under my car and had gotten trapped when I shut the garage door that evening. We were both very blessed that day. Baby was such a wonderful companion for 14 years. He ended being a large guy, 17 lbs. at one point (my mom used to say we should have named him Moose!) but his name really suited him. Such a gentle soul, never grumpy or mean. And a very beautiful cat. Baby, I love you and miss you terribly and know you are in heaven with mom and Buster and are whole and healthy and at peace. God Bless. Love, Judy

Judy T.

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