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Sister's Memorial
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A donation was made in Sister's memory by Doctors and Staff of the Burien Veterinary Hospital. Her memorial was created on 11/8/2013.
Our dear Sister, we will always miss you, yet be comforted by memories of your happy life and extreme loyalty to all of us in our family for almost 19 years! We loved your smiling face!
Sister’s given name was Belle, but she soon acquired the nickname Sister, or Sissy, because she came to live with us along with her brother Beauregard, Beau for short. Sister outlived Beau by six years, but was not too lonely, as we had increased our family by rescuing Lily, now 11 years old, and adopting Daisy Mae, now 3 years old. Wherever we went, our three fluffy white four-footed daughters came along. We even bought a motorhome for them, not wanting to leave our girls at home with a dog sitter!
Sister seemed to want to be a mommy, and since that was not a possibility, she adopted a fuzzy pink toy rabbit named Beatrice. If you could see Beatrice today, you would know that she had been well loved for 18 years! Sissy carried Beatrice with her, slept with her, and groomed her well. If we said “Where’s Beatrice?” Sissy would go on a search until she found her, and then bring her to us, tail wagging and eyes smiling.
The last few years of life, Sister had trouble going up and down stairs due to her weakened back legs…so she had Mom and Dad well-trained. If we left her upstairs or downstairs all alone, she would stand at the top or bottom of the stairs and call the “Mommy-vator” or “Daddy-vator”. (That’s Mommy or Daddy and elevator combined.) We would obediently come and carry or up or down as she wished. As I said, she had us well trained, but we loved her so much we would do no less.
We want to thank Dr. Tram V. Le, D. V. M. and all of the staff at Burien Veterinary Hospital in Burien, WA, for sincerely caring and for making this memorial possible for our dear Sister.
Sister had a long, long, happy, and comfortable life…but more importantly, our lives were enriched by her undying love and loyalty. We know she is up in Heaven with her brother Beau and her beloved Grandma, Marion. We told her to patiently wait, and we will be there with her one of these days!
Never forgotten…Forever loved!

Wayne & Greta W.

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