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Clifford's Memorial
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A donation was made in Clifford's memory by Doctors and Staff of the Vista Veterinary Hospital. His memorial was created on 5/22/2013.
Clifford, the Big Red Cat

He was probably the most human acting animal I have ever owned as a pet.

For example, he would sit up in bed and growl when vandals egged my house. When the security camera chirped, he ran to the front door. As he looked back at me it was as if he said, “Are you sure you know who is out there, and are you sure it is safe to open the door?”

He played with a mouse that rattled. If you threw the mouse across the room he would go pick it up and bring it back to you. I have the video to prove it!

I was such a creature of habit. Every night I would turn off the TV, turn on the security alarm, make coffee for the next day, and turn off the lights. He would follow me to the bedroom as I talked to him and said, “Are you ready to go nighty nite?” One night I didn’t see him following me down to the bedroom. I found him sitting at the bedroom doorway waiting, as if to say, “Hey, where have you been, I’ve been sitting here waiting for you!”

He was very protective of me and would stand between me and my family members who also wanted to share my love with them.

Every morning we sat in the swivel rocker in the bay window drinking coffee together. He looked for kitties, doggies, and birdies outside. He had a special neighbor kitty that I referred to as his kitty friend. Each time I asked him if his “kitty friend” was outside, he looked over towards the fence between us where she often walked. One dark morning as we sat in the window a shadow passed across the front of my house. He could hardly believe his eyes because it was the biggest kitty shadow that he had ever seen!

He really was a wonderful companion - so in tune with me and protective of me. We had 11 good years together and he was probably the most spoiled rotten cat in the Tri-Cities!

Linda Y.

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