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Lilly's Memorial
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Donations were made in Lilly's memory by Dick and Mary G. and Mark & Anne M.. His memorial was created on 6/7/2010.
Lilly 12/29/1998 – 5/26/2010

While others mourned, stuffed animals everywhere breathed a great sigh of relief at the news of the passing of their archenemy, Lilly G.. Ever since her stellar performance at the 2004 International Stuffed Animal Olympics, where she won 4 gold medals, in appendage removal, squeaking – both random and sustained - and strewing, she has haunted their nightmares in the form of her avatar, Lillyzilla the Destroyer.

The great majority, however, knew her as a loving and talented family dog with a sweet disposition and an inexhaustible appetite for play and food, and as a devoted wife, mother and friend. Born of modest means to a family of chocolates, who scorned her for her color, she was the last pup of her litter to be chosen. On the ride to her new life, she immediately rewarded her new family’s choice by decorating their car with explosions from both ends of her body – a false augury, as she was always thereafter an easy pet who developed mostly good habits and tried hard to please.

Lilly was blessed with an abundance of talents typical of Labradors but developed to an amazing extent. Her fabulous mouth-eye coordination made her a skillful catcher of anything thrown her way. A strong swimmer, a reliable retriever, and an enthusiastic dock-diver, her frequent family visits to her lake were an absolute joy to participate in. She was a natural leader, always taking point on family hikes. A connoisseur of fine rawhide, her excellent nose helped her root out any chewies unwisely hidden around her home by others. Early on, she discovered an ability to scratch herself invisible, allowing her to sneak unseen into the bed after lights out. And as for loyalty, Lilly was always the dog that you knew would be the first and fiercest to defend against any threat – the one you wanted with you in a tough situation.

Lilly and her dear departed mate Guido had eight pups – her devoted son and constant companion Moose, Brenna & Sweetpea, Mackenzie, Cody, Spike, Big Trouble and Bubbles. Motherhood came naturally to her and she did a great job with the litter.
Play, exercise and food were her great obsessions, but her favorite thing was simply hanging out with her family, and best of all, lying with her head in your lap while you scratched her ears.
She enriched the lives of all who knew her, and her absence leaves an enormous and permanent hole and a richness of wonderful memories. She was perhaps best eulogized by a friend, who simply said, “She did good.”

Lilly is survived by her son Moose, her adopted nephew Mario, her new daughter-in-law Lulu, her good friend Thud the Labracat, and her humans, Mary & Dick, Dave, Rose & Izzie, Stacie, and many, many others who knew her and loved her. Good girl, Lilly!

Dick and Mary G.

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