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Abby's Memorial
Donate in Abby's Name
A donation was made in Abby's memory by Doctors and Staff of the Valley Veterinary Clinic and Dr. French. Her memorial was created on 3/1/2013.
Our sweet Abby came to us when our oldest daughter was 3. She was given to us by a friend of a friend. There are so many stories to tell about her and so many things we will miss. From the way she used to hide when the neighbor girl came to visit to sitting by Grandpa, waiting for him to get out his pen light so she could chase it when he and Grandma were here. From her annoyance when we got Zim (our other cat) and Tito(our little dog, I swear Abby rolled her eyes and sighed when she saw Tito, as if to say, "What did they bring home now?"), to acceptance when we brought our youngest daughter home from the hospital 5 years ago. (With our daughter she tapped at her chest with her paw trying to figure out what she was, then rubbed her forehead on her head.) We don't know for sure how old Abby was, but we had her for 15 years. When we had to put her down on February 18, 2013, it was a very difficult decision. Dr. Sutton at Valley Veterinary Clinic helped us to make a decision we did not want to make, but knew was probably for the best. When we recieved the letter that the clinic had made a donation in Abby's name to the Pet Memorial Program it was a great comfort. We miss her every day. Our 5 year old is right when she says, "She was the BEST cat in the world!"

Eric And Julie L.

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