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Pepper's Memorial
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Donations were made in Pepper's memory by Doctors and Staff of Twin Lakes Veterinary Hospital and Victoria M.. His memorial was created on 6/12/2012.
Pepper came to live with us when he was 6 months old. He was born with lung & throat damage from trauma at birth. We knew he had many medical problems but we just had to take him home. We already had his sister (from another litter) and she needed her brother and we needed him! It was love and first sight!

Once we got him home we began to realize the extent of his medical issues. He had breathing problems and constantly fought off bronchitis and Pneumonia. He had environmental allergies that made his breathing issues worse. He could not bark from the throat damage but he learned to communicate in other ways. He sustained a back injury when he was 2 yrs. old that compacted discs in his back. On top of all the medical issues, by process of elimination, we found he was allergic to pork. We read labels, took him for chiropractic visits, laser therapy, acupuncture, many visits to the Vet, naturopathic remedies…and dose after dose of antibiotics and allergy medication.

Pepper was the sweetest, most loving dog you ever met. He thought everyone came to see him and immediately cuddled up to your leg for the loves he knew he would get. All who met him immediately fell in love. He always got excited for his walk, which meant taking him to the driveway and back because that is all he could manage most days. Whenever you asked him if wanted a pill, he would get so excited and would make his way to the fridge where he knew we would take out the lunch meat to wrap the pill in. When he felt good he would jump up and shut the meat drawer for you. Every evening before bed he would jump up on mama's lap and stick his neck out for his nightly neck scratch, he would give you kisses and let you know it was time for bed.

A couple weeks ago Pepper got sick and despite all our efforts and the efforts of the wonderful Doctors and staff at Twin Lakes Veterinary Hospital, Pepper just couldn’t fight anymore. We know he is now in Heaven, watching over us, running around, breathing freely and free of pain!

Pepper's Vet described him best when she said "Pepper was one of the sweetest souls to touch the earth"

We will miss our Pepper-depper-snepper-super-duper-super-pooper!

Pepper's Family

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