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Smudge's Memorial
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A donation was made in Smudge's memory by Marcia G.. His memorial was created on 2/26/2014.
Dear My Melissa,
Heaven is great. I am chasing squirrels, running up to the highest rock, and eating tons of grass. I can also steal as many sandwiches as I want, and pee freely! I really enjoyed seeing the mountains through your eyes last week. Cool! Don't worry, with practice, you will become a better skier. Know that I am always with you in your heart, and I cherish our 18 years of adventure. We were, and will always be, great together. Stay strong, practice kindness, live life to the fullest, eat what you want, love with your whole heart, and always believe that anything is possible. I can't wait until you get here! I will be waiting for you, like always.
Your Smudge

Melissa Kehl S.

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