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Remi's Memorial
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Remi's memorial was created on 3/6/2012.
My Son Kevin picked up Remi on Thanksgiving Day 2011. On that day she stole our hearts. Such a cute rolly polly little puppy. Kevin had such hopes and dreams for her. She was to be his hunting buddy and go everywhere with him.

Within in a week she seemed to lose weight and our problems began. In the next 9 weeks she had diarrhea with blood constantly. Her body grew, but never filled out. She romped and played like any puppy. She was smart and learned to use the doggie door right away. Even with the diarrhea she had very few accidents in the house. She tried her best to make it outside. But it just got worse. Then at 16 weeks old and numerous vet visits she was still only 11 lbs. Very small for a lab mix. We had to make the toughest decision of our lives. We had to put Remi down. In our hearts we know this was the best decision for her. But it did leave a hole in our heart.

We know she would have been the best companion for our son. She was smart, funny and a joy to have around for the short time we had her.

She loved Alpo Snap treats, I hope there are lots of them in doggie heaven!

Joyce P.

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