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Scamper's Memorial
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A donation was made in Scamper's memory by Doctors and Staff of the Mountain View Veterinary Hospital. Her memorial was created on 7/13/2012.
This is a favorite picture of mine of Scamper who came into my life October 1992. I named her Scamper as she was always dashing/scamping around my condominium. We had a special bond as I could stand in a certain way and she would mimic me as if to say “Hey, mom! I’m ready to scamp down the hall” and then off she would dash with me following after her. Such a fun kitty and had that quirky calico behavior. When F. Julius WT (also on this memorial site) came to join our kitty family she took him on a run down the hall. Being a smart kitty she turned right and he kept going straight into the room. He turned around as if to say “where’d she go?” I think she did that on purpose to show that “young whipper snapper” that she was a smart girl! She lived to her 20th birthday despite a couple sudden health emergencies – one at the age of 6 and another at the age of 7.5. For the 7.5 yr old health emergency I fed her several times a day through a J-Peg. She was a very cooperative patient. Yet, she didn’t like the wrap around her belly to hold the tubes secure. I would discover the wrap had been moved down to her tail every now and again! She had no problem yelling very loudly when she needed my attention. Sometimes I wanted to call her “foghorn”. Her buddy of 18 years, Priscilla kitty who slept with her most of the time the last 12 years, misses her – as do I - so very much.

Thank you,

Carol O.

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