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Autumn's Memorial
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Autumn's memorial was created on 8/2/2013.
Autumn was one of the sweetest dogs we have adopted. We believe she was 13 when we met her and she lived to be 16 after developing kidney disease. Autumn had been in a puppy mill for 10 years before she was rescued. We never knew what all happened to her while there, but we could imagine because of some behaviors she would show if stressed or startled. She was happier in the rescue facility but it was chaotic and she had unlimited food which was not good for her health. With all she had been through she was so gentle and really mothered our other tiny little pomeranian until his death. She put up with the antics of our chihuahua as well. She really blossomed once she was a true pet and living in a home of her own. Her eyes became brighter and her coat looked healthy and beautiful. Our favorite thing to watch was Autumn standing out in the middle of our lawn just smelling the wind with her head up and eyes closed. Freedom and love must have felt wonderful to her. We will always smile when we think of her.

Robert and Susan K.

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