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Emma Bernice (EB)

Emma Bernice (EB)'s Memorial
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A donation was made in Emma Bernice (EB)'s memory by Doctors and Staff of the Burien Veterinary Hospital. Her memorial was created on 11/21/2013.
Our incredible journey with Emma Bernice known as EB started at the Saturday market in Twisp Washington that beautiful September day in 1996. My husband Ralph and I had gone to the market with my college roommate and her two little girls to look for a kitten for us, the market was a good place to look for kittens ready for adoption I was on a mission and really wanted to find a female kitten that would be a little sister to our older male cat Midas. Looking through the market I did not see any that caught my eye and just had to take home. After sometime my friends little girl Julie came running over to me and dragged me over to an area where two little boys were sitting on the ground playing with two little kittens. The parents had told them they each could get a kitten that day at the market. I saw one that one of the little boys was holding, she was black and white and vey tiny. I took Julie aside and told her I had to have that little black and white one!!!! So being only 7 and fearless she picked up another kitten that was in the box and walked over to the boys and talked to them. I saw from a distance Julie give the one little boy the kitten she was holding and he handed her the little black and white kitten. Julie walked over to me and handed me the little kitten and we left the market mission accomplished, we had made the perfect trade.
EB gave us 17 years of unconditional love. She was there to give us comfort when we lost Midas five years later a few days before 9/11 and when we lost many family members over the years. She was the first to meet me at the door after work and escort me down to our bedroom so I could rub her belly and or play tickle under the bed covers. She loved to crawl into our laps and take a nap on the weekends while we tried to read the paper. The void in our lives now that she is gone is unbearable. She will always be with us in our hearts and are so thankful we went to the market that day and found that tiny black and white kitten who gave us years of love and memories.
We want to thank the Doctors and staff at Burien Veterinary Hospital for all the love and care they had given EB over the years. Also would like to thank Doctor Sibylle Kamdar for the love and care she gave our little Emma Bernice those last few hours here on earth. She made the process as peaceful as possible.

Ralph & Lynda O.

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