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Gracie's Memorial
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A donation was made in Gracie's memory by Doctors and Staff of the Haigh Veterinary Hospital. Her memorial was created on 6/19/2013.
Gracie Marie raised these two wonderful young men; she was Moms best friend, my partner in life and a lifeline to all who needed her smile and warmth. Never leaving my side whether volunteering in the school or late nights at the fire pit with friends...she was always at my side, guarding, checking in to make sure I was OK. My eldest son spent years fighting for life at Children’s and she was there too...sleeping in my van and giving me smiles and cheer when I would dare to leave the ICU for a break. We would walk and I would cry and she would sooth. She has been a part of many lives.....been there to bury many of my human friends and my parents and has spent countless hours just by someone’s side who needed her.

Gracie had little ones learn to walk clinging to her fur....welcomed others to kinder garden...attended their High School graduations and moved them into University dorms. She even had a Facebook account so everyone could keep in touch as they moved on in life. She was everyone’s girl...if she met you that was belonged to her to love and protect.

Gracie who had the biggest heart succumbed to congestive heart failure the day after her 13th birthday. We had taken her to the cabin, her favorite place, and she got to see her favorite people, came home and the next evening while guarding me on a walk she collapsed.....doing what she loved to do....keeping an eye on Mom. I cannot thank Haigh Vet Clinic enough for the love and affection they gave our whole family. Above and beyond is not even close to how they cared for ALL of us. Gracie in memorialized in the novel Whiskey Cove...a blessing from a northwest author who Gracie adored and shared much of life with.

Grace Marie
I bid you all farewell my friends...took my last breath last night laying on moms blanket with her whispering sweet memories in my ear. Keep your tails fluffed...your ears perked...and love each other every day. It has been a wonderful life:)

Sara E.

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