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Bruno's Memorial
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A donation was made in Bruno's memory by Doctor's, Staff, and Student's at the WSU Teaching Hospital. His memorial was created on 3/8/2013.
Bruno was born to a breeder puppy mill, he was the runt, weighing less than 5lbs at 7 weeks and so small he fit in the pocket of my hoodie. When I saw him it truly was love at first sight. He was so small and his legs were so short that after he ate his belly lifted him legs off the floor, so if he wanted to come to us he learned to roll down the hallway. He persevered hunger, thirst, bronchitis, an type of bird flu, being bit by a poisonous spider, but the one thing he couldn’t beat on his own was his battle with canine nasal cancer. It went undiagnosed and misdiagnosed from the first symptoms in June 2012 until on February 23, 2013 his poor little body could not fight it anymore. Bruno was my service dog, I have PTSD, he sat up with me when I had nightmares, went with me to places when I was scared, calmed me down, he never left my side - he was loyal and caring to the end. When I finally came to the acceptance that he was dying I hugged him crying, and he sat up groaning in pain licked me on the cheek then just lingered his snout over my tears, trying to comfort me. He was dying and comforting and taking care of me - He truly was one of a kind.

Lisa F.

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