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Legion and his sister, Splinters, came to live with me when my daughter and her boyfriend had to move and could or take the kitties with them. We lost our Legion boy on October 20, 2012. He was very athletic and daring while his sister held back and let him scope out new adventures first. They snuggled together and would groom each other. He once forced her off the deck rail, accidentally of course. They played madly and hid out in any empty box or bag left out. Legion loved to sleep between my arms while I (tried) to work on the computer. He made great use of my lap every evening and was a lovely cat all around.
Splinters and I miss Legion. The dog, however, was often bossed around by this very confident cat so probably is unfazed by the absence if "The Enforcer" who often made her change her route through the house.
Many thanks to Dr Tomchick at VCA Alpine Animal Hospital in Issaquah for taking such great care of Legion in his short three years.

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