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Jerry's Memorial
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Jerry's memorial was created on 4/21/2014.
Jerry, and his brother Ben, were litter mates that our daughter and her roommate adopted from a shelter when they were approximately a year old. When they were two, our daughter moved, but not wanting to separate the cats, left them both with her roommate. When they were five years old, the roommate was unable to care for them any longer and rather than send them back to a shelter, our daughter brought them to our house until she could find them a home – a month at the most. I think she intended them to stay with us, which is what ended up happening. The brothers were shy and nervous about their new surroundings. We barely saw them for the first three months, except when they ate or used the litter box. Jerry was the “dog” in the family. He was the one who liked being around people and couldn’t resist spending time with us. Ben eventually followed Jerry’s example and started acclimating after another three months. Soon we had two loving and playful cats and they won our hearts.

Jerry was always the sweet one. He loved people and loved to cuddle. If you moved from one room to the other, he followed. He also loved his boxes and his hiding place under the powder room sink. When we were away, he would open the cabinet door and find his spot on the towel we placed there for him. He also had another favorite hiding place in the office behind a shelf on the floor. If you didn’t know about it, you would never know he was in the room with you. It’s been four months since he died and I still find myself looking for him in his hiding places.

Ellen L.

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