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Sugar's Memorial
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Donations were made in Sugar's memory by Doctors and Staff of the Companion Animal Hospital and Leslie B.. Her memorial was created on 4/3/2013.
Sugar was born on August 14, 1999 and lived with a family in Washington State until she was given up for adoption to SPDR in April 2002. On April 21 we received a much awaited phone call from Valeri Sexton with Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue, that Sugar was available for adoption. We immediately drove to Burien, WA where we met Valeri and Sugar. Needless to say Sugar immediately became part of our family and we were back to Lake Quinault to start our new lives together.

At the time we also had Katie, our wonderful black Lab, who would become Sugar’s new friend through thick and thin. She was Katie’s buddy through Katie’s battle with cancer until the end.

Sugar was a Yorkshire terrier through and through and was fearless of much larger animals. She especially made her presence known when there was a herd of elk in our pasture. She would run around inside the house and sniff at the doors when the elk were around. If I had let her she probably would have herded them out in the field. She was actually a quite amazing little watch dog and full of life.

When we first got her she would jump up and down as if she was on a pogo stick when she wanted to get our attention. Especially for her favorite raw baby carrots.

She loved to go for walks on the area trails and would even walk down into the Lake to check out anything she might be missing. She wasn’t bothered by the rain and romped through the snow.

Rides to the Post Office to greet the “lady behind the counter” were one of her favorite adventures. Taking in all the wonderful smells from the open car window, while on a leash, was a real treat. Playing catch me if you can with a toy could go on forever. Chasing the ball was great fun.

She was very independent and loved to sleep on the linoleum or woods floors instead of some place warm and fuzzy.

She kept the cats in line and they knew she was boss even though she would sleep near them on the bed.

If I went into a room and closed the door she would be waiting on the other side until I opened it. Being independent but wanting to be close. Even with her independent nature there were times when she would cling to me in certain situations when she was a little apprehensive.

She enjoyed obedience classes and graduated with honors.

Christmas was one of her favorite times helping me wrap packages and then trying to unwrap them all. It brought out the puppy in her. Her birthday “parties” were great fun.

One of Sugar’s favorite pastimes was when I carried her in my arms and we walked the pasture fence line together. I could see her taking in leftover traces of scent from the elk herds, and she saw ducks on the pond flapping their wings. We visited the llamas at the barn and checked out the peacocks in their enclosure. This will always be a wonderful memory.

Reluctantly on February 15, 2013, after a long illness, we had to let her go. We will always miss our sweet energetic beautiful little girl and we are so thankful she could be part of our family. It’s so hard to look at her favorite spots and not see her. The house seems SO empty without her. We will always love you Sugar.

Roger And Leslie B.

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