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Abby's Memorial
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Abby's memorial was created on 2/3/2014.
We purchased her and her brother Sprocket from friends up the hill in 2003. We had lost our Aussie and these pups became available. We were just going to get Abby but we found out they were going to put her brother down because of his entropion. They put that big lug in my arms, he let out a big contented sigh and after a nip and tuck was part of our family along with his sister.
They went everywhere with us- we took them to California and made a calendar out of the trip with them posing infront of Tillamook, big trees, the sand dunes, the Oakland Farmer's Market and the waves. Nothing could get them going like saying the word "TRUCK" (see picture) or "BEACH". Oh how we loved those two.
We had to take the awful one way trip to the vet with Sprocket four years ago. Abby was in bad shape being alone so we found a pup up above Tonasket and Abby had a new little brother Barley (see picture). Oh boy did they hit it off, romping all over Kitsap County. Well, it happened again last October- that awful one way trip to the vet, sitting on the floor, tears flowing while that dam shot was administered - hell, they still are.

But nothing ventured, nothing gained and I have my Barley right next to me and the adventure continues.

Thank you to Companion for their donation to your organization.

Cameron C.

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