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Cantik's Memorial
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Donations were made in Cantik's memory by Kevin C. and Anna B.. Her memorial was created on 8/12/2012.
Cantik September 1997 - August 2012

Cantik's (Chon-teek) name is Bahasa Indonesian and translated means "beautiful." The name was quite appropriate for this mixed breed beauty.

For my 13th birthday my parents went to the local humane society in Amarillo, Texas, and picked out a small black and white kitten. My mother drove me to the humane society to see my present, it was then that we realized that she should have held the kitten before opting to adopt it - it was wild! That was when I spotted my beautiful long haired Cantik. Cantik had been given an "extension" as she had already been scheduled to be euthanized a few days earlier. With another couple there interested in the black and white kitty I was allowed to take home Cantik instead.

That was nearly 15 years ago, she died a month shy of 15. Just 6 months ago Cantik was diagnosed with large cell lymphoma of the abdomin at a local vets clinic. That vet clinic was unable to do anything for her and diagnosed her with only weeks to live. Seeking a second opinion I brought her to Washington State University's Vet Hospital. Taking her to WSU was the best decision I made.

My biggest concern was to keep her comfortable and not to do anything invasive. The Vet did an amazing job of listening to my concerns, presenting all possible options to me and allowing me to make the best decision for me and Cantik. WSU's initial prognosis gave her 1-3 months to live, and with their amazing care she lived for 6 more happy months with me.

Up until her last few days she was still fiesty and loving, carrying on as always. She would regularly keep my families two Wiemaraners in-line with a quick swipe of her paw and hiss! She was the "alpha" animal at 6 pounds! She enjoyed bathing in the sun, watching birds and giving her human companions "biscuits."

She is greatly missed.

Anjie B.

Comments by: Anna B
My companion of 15 years, almost 1.5 years since her death. Hoping these funds will help save more companion lives. Christmas 2013. - Anjie & Noah

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