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Simba was born to our Boxer, Bella and into our family on May 27, 2006. He was the pick of his litter and a wonderful pup from day one! He grew very fast and soon became a strong, big headed, happy Boxer. He loved everyone and even the people in our lives that really didnt care for dogs, or were afraid of dogs, loved Simba. We called him our BFG (Big Friendly Giant) and this name suited him so perfectly! He loved everyone and always had a wiggle butt to give anyone who came through our door.
Early 2012, Simba started having seizures and was diagnosed with a brain tumor. His medicines to control the seizures had major side effects for our boy, and therefore we had to make the painful choice to end his suffering and lay him to rest on June 18th, 2012.
He has left paw prints on our hearts and will be missed every day that we live without him.

Hakuna Matata Simba Boy - R.I.P.

Simba's Family

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