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Growler's Memorial
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Growler's memorial was created on 10/18/2013.
Our Beagle, Josie, was 7 months old when we first met Growler. The Humane Society was at Petsmart and we had taken Josie to have her pic taken with Santa. She found Growler (Walker Hound) in a pen by himself (he was deathly sick with pneumonia & they had taken him so they could give him his Rx). They did not want to let us adopt him but we prevailed. It was about 3 months before we knew that he would live. Josie was like a little mamma (she was spayed) and they were always the greatest buddies.

When he was about 4 yrs old we found out that he had Dialated Cardio Myopathy. We spent the next 18 months trying to get a handle on the disease & tried everything to prolong his life but had opted to let him live his life to the fullest & not try to keep him a vegetable in the house. Even the week that we lost him he was crazy to go for walks and carried on conversations with us as usual. He was 76 lbs of love and was definitely Mom's dog!

It has been a painful time and Josie has felt it more than you could imagine. She still goes to his grave and sits/lies down by him. She knows that he went bye-bye without us (she went with us every time we drove the 190 miles (1 way) to the vet & was in the room with us when Growler died. We have adopted a Beagle mix puppy & she is not grieving as much but I still see him laying on the bed waiting for me to come rub his head or sitting on the love seat waiting for a hug & a kiss. We love the little guy but he will never fill your paw prints as he shouldn't. He has his own to make. We are thankful for the 5 1/2 years that we had with him & truly believe that he would not have lived as a puppy had it not been for the constant love & care we gave him when we got him and can never forget the unconditional love he gave us.

We love & miss you Baby!

Momma, Daddy & JoJo

Ernest F.

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