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Pooh Bear

Pooh Bear's Memorial
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Pooh Bear's memorial was created on 5/30/2014.
Pooh Bear
I first saw Pooh Bear in front of a small gas station in Lake Stevens. I had only run to get some milk and came away with $50 less in my pocket and the cutest little pup I've ever owned. I brought Pooh home to my wife as a surprise and a last minute birthday present. She was quite surprised since we hadn't talked too much about getting another dog (we already owned a 120 lb. Shepherd/Rotty mix).

After she turned about six years old we noticed she was drastically losing weight fast. She went from 100 lb dog to almost 50 lbs in a month. Looking back now, we shouldn't have waited so long to take her to a vet, but they easily could tell she was a diabetic doggy. Hence started the twice daily doses of Vetsulin and a strict diet. A month later she lost her eye-sight. All of this seemed like it would make a dogs life tough, but she was determined to be a happy dog for as long as she lived. She was amazing! Her senses took over and she learned how to sniff and listen for bunnies and cars. I could still take her on walks because she remembered the exact route we used to take every day. We were truly lucky to have her no matter what the expense was. She was the sweetest, happiest blind dog you can imagine. Most people might say "oh I couldn't take it and you should put her down" but there was no way we could do that to her.

She lived over 7 long years after that. The vet said usually animals with this type of diabetes (and a hand full of other problems) might last for around 3 years. They were amazed too. Due to even further complications and the pain she was in, we put her down in early May this year (2014). Even though she had so many problems we never felt she was a burden. She was full of love and we miss her alot! RIP Pooh Bear, my "love bug."

Thanks again for the letter. We can offer a donation at a later date - right now I've been unemployed for a few months and things are tight. But when they're good, we always help programs like this.

Russ P & Jean B.

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