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Maggie's Memorial
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A donation was made in Maggie's memory by Doctors Paul DeMaris, Rita Bauman & staff of Alpine View Veterinary Hospital. Her memorial was created on 5/9/2013.
We brought Maggie Mae home on Valentine's Day of 2003; which speaks volumes about her life, because Maggie taught our family how to love. She expected very little, but appreciated so much. All she wanted was to please us, go for a walkies and to bring back the yellow ball. From Maggie we learned to be good listeners, to leave the room when conflict gets too heated, to forgive, and most importantly, we learned to run and enjoy the flowers and the trees while always keeping on eye on and staying near the path of her master. Maggie loved everyone she met and always made them feel like they were special. Her sweetness was felt by anyone whom she met with a big, pink tongue and a happy, wagging, tail. Maggie never complained. Ever. Even in her last days, when the bone cancer was taking over her body, she was quieter and less active, but she never let us know how badly she was hurting. She left our family better than she found us. The day she left us for good, she got to enjoy one last swim in her favorite lake and true to form, she limped her way out of the water, yellow ball in tow. We know now, that Maggie doesn't hurt anymore, and she's running in the big, green fields of heaven. She's waiting patiently for us in front of the fireplace in our mansion there, and one day we will get to throw the ball for her again.
We love you Maggie Mae Muffin! Thank you for loving us, we hope that someday we can learn to love the way you did. We'll see you again and we'll all go for a walkies!

Kelli B.

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