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Lester's Memorial
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Lester's memorial was created on 6/13/2014.
Lester was both family and friend. I miss him every day and feel lucky to have had the good fortune to have had him as long as I did. He was my daughters’ clumsy puppy who grew up to be a one hundred pound beautiful mutt. He moved more like a horse rather than a canine, brindle with 4 white feet white chest and belly with a snip on his forehead. We never knew exactly what he was-mastiff/Dane cross? Mastiff/hound? He bayed like a bloodhound and his bass bark was so loud you jumped and held your ears. Lester was smart and as all dogs kept an eye on everything. When you asked a question he would cock his head to the side so you knew he was really interested and of course he would answer you.
Lester was the best company. He was a puppy when I got a kitten and they grew up together. Cats loved Lester, would rub on him and lick his ears when he was laying down and they could reach them. His best friend was Pacha a young golden retriever/black lab cross we got as a friend for Lester and they were such friends. Played together, ran together, slept together and grew old together. I was so lucky to have loved them both. Our Best Friend.

Bobbi S.

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