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Newman's Memorial
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A donation was made in Newman's memory by The Doctors and Staff of the Ewing Animal Hospital. His memorial was created on 7/19/2013.
I'm not sure if there was a dog that was ever loved as much as Newman. Not just by us, but by everyone who ever met him. Newman lived a long life, but it is never long enough. I spent 12 years with him and would love to have been given 12 more. Things everyone knew about Newman...he hated outside. He hated walks. He loved to sleep. He loved to fart. He loved treats. He was wonderfully, incredibly soft. He loved the couch. He was the most chivalrous dog ever. He barked at things that "weren't supposed to be there." He was very snuggly. He couldn't care less about cats. He loved attention. You could bend him around like a ragdoll. He was allergic to most of the world. He loved us unconditionally.
I miss Newman more can I can put into words, but I'm glad that we were able to share the years we did with him. Thank you to Ewing Animal Hospital in Boise and especially Dr. Walt Weathered for loving him like he was their own and donating in his honor.

Susan and Kevan

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