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Takota's Memorial
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A donation was made in Takota's memory by Doctors and Staff of the Companion Animal Hospital. His memorial was created on 10/21/2013.

His name was Takota
His name meant a "friend to all"
He was a 6 year old, 60lb Golden Lab
He stood about 3 foot tall

My beloved son John died on Mother's Day last year
We were very close - so I shed many a tear
I felt like I had nothing to look forward to
Two months later, Takota came to PAWS
He gave me a new point of view

I adopted him, but couldn't bring him home
Tracie boarded him for me
She gave him a wonderful home
They'd take long walks every morning and night
So he wouldn't get uptight
He enjoyed being with her
To him she was a delight

I'd pick him up on Wednesday and Friday
We'd spend the day at "PAWS"
He'd sit beside me - we'd greet people
And sell rummage for PAWS
The money went to help the animals
It was for a very good cause

Last November I was able to bring Takota home to stay
It made me oh so happy
It was a wonderful day
At times when we'd meet people
He'd give you his paw to shake your hand
His former owner "Mark" taught him that
Gee wasn't that grand?

Mark a minister at Set Free Christian Fellowship in Elma
Taught him everything he knew
He was very smart
From everyone's point of view

He'd play with his stuffed animals and a ball
For 15 minutes each day
When he'd lose interest
I'd put them away

In late afternoon we'd walk the trails
Under the big tall trees
Sometimes it would be warm
Other times there would be a cool breeze

We'd walk so far then he'd lie on the ground
He'd rub his back and swing his legs
And he would roll around
We'd walk home and he would
Lie on the grass for awhile
I'd sit beside him
He would make me smile

When he knew we were going outside
He'd put his leash in his mouth
He'd strut down the road like a "king"
It made me smile and want to sing

He loved to ride in my car
Whether it was near or very far
When the weather was very cold
I'd warm his blanket - he'd cuddle under it to keep warm
He was rather spoiled but I loved him so
I didn't want to bring him any harm

In the evening, I'd watch TV
He would stand in front of me
You could tell he was thinking
Should I or shouldn't I - which should it be?

He'd put one paw up and then the other and jump up
He was my 60lb lap dog - I think he thought I was his mother

I'd pet him and stroke him - which he did adore
After a while he'd get down on his bed or on the floor
Soon he'd go in the other room and wait for his Denta Stix
He'd get excited and grab them (2 Denta Stix) away from me
They helped to keep his teeth clean
He always wanted more you see

Later he'd go in the den and lie on the floor
When I shut the TV off he'd come running to the door
He knew it was time to go out and go potty once more

He'd jump up on my bed
And sleep with me all night
Sometimes he'd get sideways in the bed
Which made my sleeping quarters tight

Ray had to have surgery in Seattle
He wasn't very well
I had a torn Rotator Cuff in right shoulder
I was in pain you could tell

We decided to board him
As healthwise we needed a rest
He became ill - I took him to Dr. John
He had to give him tests
Dr. John saved him - after 3 days I brought him home
He didn't feel like doing anything
He didn't want to roam

The tests showed he had Addison's Disease
He'd have to take pills the rest of his life or die
It would have cost me $100.00 a month - no lie

Dr. John said if he gets stressed out
Give him 1/2 pill a day
I didn't realize he was stressed out
I didn't give him a pill

He had no energy and vomited
He became very ill
I had to take him back to Dr. John
And have him put to sleep
My doctor advised me, because of my health
And Takota's - her decision was the best to keep

If he got sick again - I couldn't afford the vet bill
As my income was very low
It was difficult for me to let him go
Because I loved him so

He was the nicest, gentlest, smartest dog I've ever known
In 20 years I've known many dogs
I've had 4 dogs of my own

He was the "light of my life"
For over a year
Since he's been gone I've shed many a tear
I'm buying a large stuffed golden lab
He'll be with me everyday
It will remind me of all the fun we had
Next till the very last day

The Lord gave Takota to me for a season
To help me in the loss of my beloved son John was the reason
Someday we'll meet in Heaven
On that beautiful golden shore
We'll walk, romp and play and have so much fun
We won't be parted anymore

By Leona Weiland
16 year volunteer
Protective Animal Welfare Society
P.A.W.S of Grays Harbor

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