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Piggy's Memorial
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Piggy's memorial was created on 6/27/2013.
My dogs name was Rojan's Independence Day we called him Indie and that became Piggy because if you've ever owned a rottewieler you know they would stand on their head and stack beebee' s for food. He was an amazing dog who I had from 8 weeks old. He lived with my 2 cats and my african grey. He would be sleeping on his bed and the cats would snugle up with him and he would look at me like "can't they sleep on their own bed" but he never pushed them away if anything he would just get up and move giving up his bed. When the bird got on the floor Piggy would leave the room "birds bit". He found that out at an early age one night that the bird climbed down off the cage and waddled over to Piggy and bit him in the but, Piggy yelped a little yelp and after that if the bird is on the floor Piggy left the room til the coast was clear, not that it happened often. Piggy always the passisve one was gentle was my loyal companion and best friend. A piece of me died with him in his passing 3 weeks before his 13th Birthday. I will have another rottie. and it will be my third one but there will never be another Piggy. I feel naked with out him, no bark at the door when the door bell rings no snoring at night it's so quiet. My Piglet is very missed and will never be replaced

Jennifer W.

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