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Cookie's Memorial
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A donation was made in Cookie's memory by Doctors and Staff of the Haigh Veterinary Hospital. Her memorial was created on 9/19/2013.
Recently we received a letter from you, that you were informed about our dog Cookie. Dr. Haigh’s Vet office outside of Shelton took care of Cookie for us. Cookie was 17 ½ years old. She had a few ailments. She was 18 months old when we got her. The owners had to give her away because she would chase the neighbor’s pet turkey a mile down the road, that didn’t go over very good. She was turned over to our son Mark to find her a good home. He called his dad; his dad said “I don’t want no dog!”- Mark said well come and take a look at her and see what you think. –OK! Jerry said. Well if she doesn’t get along with our cat – down the road she’s going- well we had more trouble with our cat then with Cookie. Our cat was a full Siamese. That cat when Cookie was under a blanket she would come right over and lay right on top of Cookie. Over the years they both mellowed. Cookie went everywhere with us.

With all my heart I believe she saved Jerry’s life when he had a stroke. That night Jerry had a headache, so he said I’m going to lay on the couch for a little while. Cookie got on Jerry’s back and was sleeping there on the couch with him. I was reading in a chair. Cookie got up on her hind legs and came down on Jerry’s back and then hopped on to the floor. Jerry didn’t stir. She did the same thing again two more times and I said Cookie do you have to go outside? On the third try, Jerry started to move around a little bit and sat up. He said I still don’t feel very good I think I’m going to go to bed. I told him I would be right in- but I want to tell you, Cookie came down on him hard when she did this. She had never done this before. In the early morning Jerry couldn’t walk very well and I took him to the hospital. Jerry survived and doing well. When cookie was around 16 years, she got a growth around the side of her neck. But Jerry didn’t want to have her looked at (I think he wouldn’t be able to help her.)- For a man that didn’t want a dog, he fed and took care of her. I bathed and trimmed her nails. Dr. Haigh gave her – her shots that she needed. She did less and less over the years. Please accept our donation also in Cookies name. We would greatly appreciate it.

Jerome And Brenda C.

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