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Kelsey's Memorial
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Kelsey's memorial was created on 6/18/2012.
We 'inherited' Kelsey in December 2008 after my Mother-in-law passed. We
reluctantly adopted her (having just lost our canine pal Farley perhaps a year before) so
we were somewhat hesitant to take on another pet so soon. Having been a woman's companion
Kelsey quickly became my shadow following me all around the house. She even learned to
climb our steep stairs to the family room and what became her haven. Here, in addition to sleeping,
she would lay on her new 'perch' by the window and watch the happenings outside, excitedly barking at
dogs passing by on their walks. When she had the engegy she would tend the "goalie" position
as I gently toed around a golf ball - her favorite game & chew toy.

My husband and I became quite attached to Kelsey, but she and I shared a special bond which
develops when caring for a loved one: the feedings, the administration of medications, the commands
to "go be Good girl" for potty breaks, and "take care of business' for other necessities.
She was an intelligent and well behaved little girl and will be greatly missed.

Bruce & Amy D.

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