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Pookie's Memorial
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A donation was made in Pookie's memory by Vicki B.. Her memorial was created on 11/15/2013.
Our cat Pookie passed away with complications from a chest tumor on October 18, 2013. We miss her every day. She was our 15 years old calico, also known as our little DIVA. Her first 2 years were with our youngest daughter’s husband, Tom. Knowing Brooke was allergic to cats when they decided to marry they suggested we take the cat and he take the kid; so in early 2001 she came to live with Carl and me. In June of 2002 she was hit by a car which broke both bones in her front right leg. She was in a cast for months and learned to live with pins in her leg since then. That event ended up costing $3200, she was told she couldn’t go outside in the front of our house…until she could pay it back. We fenced the back yard for her. She loved watching penguins on TV. Anytime we turned it on, she sat and watched them. By 2009 she lost a lot of her hearing and her meow changed to more of a yowl. The neighborhood cat would come around nights, tease her at the windows and wake everyone in the house. Even though Pookie was considered “my” cat; when Carl passed away 1-1/2 years ago Pookie went through depression and behavioral issues. I know she really missed him.
Being our little DIVA, Pookie is buried in a Victoria Secret box wrapped in her favorite blanket. I think she is spending time with Carl now.

Ginny S.

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