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Willi's Memorial
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A donation was made in Willi's memory by Doctors and Staff of the VCA Redmond Animal Hospital. His memorial was created on 4/30/2013.
Sébastien de la Belle Terre

Willi was not just a dog; he was my wonderful companion for the past 12 years and I strongly suspect he was a Zen Master. I learned valuable lessons from him by observing his approach to life.

Willi was an enthusiastic participant. Every day was full of absorbing discoveries, captivating sounds, exciting adventures and intriguing smells. He was the kind of dog that would climb trees to get a better view and catch bees to see what the buzzing sound tasted like. He had a well-developed sense of humor, and could communicate effortlessly.

Things we learned from Willi:

Appreciate everything.
Thrill in the tenuous balance of a squirrel running along the fence.
Seize opportunities, whether they are on the kitchen floor, under the BBQ, or on the counter.
Be infinitely fascinated by the hum of bees on the purple rosemary blossoms.
Relish guilt-free, the gooey goodness of a bag of marshmallows snagged when no one was looking.
Admire your estate, no matter the size, from the corner of the deck.
Drool as dinner is being prepared.
Curl up under the covers with a loved one.
Take delight in every smell and sight on your daily walks.
Be curious.
Communicate what you want, like asking someone to get that toy that’s under the couch.
Take joy in the delightful crunch of bok choy stolen directly from the garden.
Be tolerant of annoying siblings because the long term is what’s important.
Verbally support your sister when someone is walking by, even if you know there’s no threat.
Let little things go.
Live life fully.
Don’t forget who loves you-no matter what.
Finish the day with a familiar comfort, like your favorite bone.
Willi’s motto: “Everything is my favorite.”

We’ve been through a lot together over the years, and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner on our journey. Good bye my sweet, kind, funny, affectionate Willi.

Love forever and always,

Joanna S.

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