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Chloe's Memorial
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Chloe's memorial was created on 2/2/2013.
Dear Chloe,

My father always says one of the reasons that he loved you was because you saved my life. In truth, you did more than just save my life, you brought life to me.

You entered my world when I was only a sophomore in college. At just 8 weeks old, you were a rescue dog in search of a good home (with some help from a local pet shop). I had no plans to adopt a dog when I walked into the store that day, but as soon as you plopped your furry little self into my lap, I knew I wouldn't be walking out alone. Turned out to be the best decision I've ever made. For almost 15 years, you remained by my side as I clumsily navigated my way through my 20's and early 30's. Through every job, every apartment, every relationship and every painful breakup. Through every high point and all the devastatingly low ones, you were there. Always, my one constant...

In life, you embodied all that is good in this world. Now it embodies your memory. I'm incredibly grateful for each and every moment you were here; for those 8 extra months you courageously hung in there (I know it was probably harder for you than you let on); and for all of the wonderful memories you gave to me for keeps. I will forever cherish them all.

My Best Friend. My Heart.
Rest in peace, My Peanut.

All the Love in the World, Nicki

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