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Molly's Memorial
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A donation was made in Molly's memory by Doctors and Staff of Twin Lakes Veterinary Hospital. Her memorial was created on 8/10/2012.
Molly spent all of her adult life working with children at my daycare center. Her previous owner took her to an Animal Shelter claiming that she was not trainable. When my husband and I adopted her at 12 months, I immediately took her to puppy training class and then onto agility classes. She did great.

When she was young, she was often very naughty. She chased the squirrels relentlessly and even caught a couple, much to my horror. She jumped the fences, loved to play “keep away” with children’s gloves or hats that they had dropped, barked at the clients, chewed up the kids toys, and would trick the clients into letting her escape out the front door. She often tried to run off to get good sniffs in the neighborhood. Once I caught her, she would throw her body on the ground so that I couldn’t move her. One morning, while I was transitioning her to the car, she got away from me. I told her I was leaving without her and did! She remembered that phrase so that when she got older, she knew I meant business!

Molly went with me everywhere. My car was her kennel. On the weekends we went boating, hiking, and swimming. I loved it when she swam along side of me at the beach. We took our dogs to the doggy parks often. The kids in my youth choir at church loved to take Molly for potty walks. Everyone knew she was my best friend.

She turned 12 this past July and was just as happy as ever. Suddenly, she didn’t want to get in or out of my car or jump. When I took her to the vet, they found that she had a tumor in her gut. The following week, I saw her collapse on the playground. We moved the kids to another playground while I spent time with Molly. I knew she was dying. As talked to her cheerfully, she wagged her tail and smiled at me as if to say “I love you, too, but my body won’t work and I don’t feel so good.” I was finally able to help her up long enough to get her to my office where I said my good-byes. A few minutes later, she was gone. She left this world in the place she loved most.

Kelly H.

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