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Shaina's Memorial
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A donation was made in Shaina's memory by Kevin C.. Her memorial was created on 8/16/2012.
July 17, 2012

I am writing this from my perspective and of course extreme prejudice. Shaina is the most Beautiful, Brilliant, Bengal ever created. Shaina expected everyone to learn Benglish and of course to be her loyal servant. She was a true Princess.
When confronted with difficult situations, that of course were never her fault, she would run to her Papa for protection. She would than turn and sass whoever was causing the problem. After all, it couldn’t be Shaina.
Shaina’s culprits in mischief were her friends, Tommy (The Big Salamie) a Siamese and Jordan a female Bengal.
Raw food and live game was beneath her. She liked a large variety of canned foods, and you never knew which one to open. Her favorite was whipped cream. It was impossible to go to the fridge and even pick up the can without her knowing it and demanding to get some. Breads and donuts were high on her list of treats as well.
She hated to be dirty. Maintaining her Golden Fleece was a priority. (Bengals have pelts) Her pelt was the softness thing you can ever imagine to touch and literally glittered gold in the sunlight. Once while opening a can of food for her, I accidently sprayed a minute amount of the juices from the can on her. She jumped back and glared at me and cleaned herself immediately. It was 6 months before she would get within 2 feet of me while opening a can of her food. I never let that happen again.
Shaina knew that going out the front door meant going in the car, (She Hated that) One of the first lessons she taught me was how fast she was. I had a 6 foot step ladder in the house as I was installing a bathroom fan. I turned around to pick up the fan and put it in place. 20 minutes later when the installation was complete, I looked for her and she was nowhere to be found. After calling for her, I soon discovered that she had managed to scale the ladder and was in the ceiling crawlspace. I had to remove the fan and get her out of there.
But Wait, the story doesn’t end. 2 days later she wasn’t feeling well and we took her to Dr. Don. Only to discover she had ingested micro fibers of fiberglass and had to have surgery to remove them from her intestine. Dr. Don took excellent care of her and was amazed at her extensive vocabulary. He took care of her on the weekend and she chased him around his office. After this lesson, we learned to watch her like a 2 year old.
She loved getting into everything. Boxes and Bags Belong to Bengals. (Everything that starts with a “B” Belongs to a Bengal) The great thing about Boxes for Shaina was, when she got tired of the Box, all you had to do was roll it over and it was Brand new again.
She loved cuddling under the Blanket on the Bed. And when she gave up her Bengal Belly, You knew how privileged you were. Shaina didn’t give up Belly to just anyone. Princess and Papa time was high on her list of favorite things to do. (Lying on my lap watching TV.) I worked away quite a bit, and somehow Shaina always knew when I was coming home. She would wait for me in the front window. (She normally didn’t go there.) When I would call home, she would hear my voice on the phone and insist on talking to me. Shaina never hesitated to rat everyone out about how she had been mistreated and was always starving when I got home. I always told everyone, SHAINA GETS WHAT SHAINA WANTS. Any questions?
Although Shaina loved to be admired and to be the center of attention. Mom was the only one who could kiss her without complaints and Shaina would melt into her arms.
When Shaina got sick a few months ago, we discovered she had medium cell Lymphoma. The vet removed a section of her intestine to try and rid her of the tumor in Wenatchee. We took her to WSU for chemo. The vet said that she had a smaller than normal heart with a murmur. I know this wasn’t true. Shaina had the Biggest heart in the whole world. She fought like a trooper to live for us. She did her best to tolerate the chemo and live her life at home. She ate because she knew it’s what we wanted. And she played in the Back yard and ate her catnip up until the end. She even chased a rabbit and tried to get a Bird. (She wouldn’t have hurt or known what to do with either) The next morning, Shaina wouldn’t eat. She had a peaceful night and she went outside and enjoyed the early morning sunshine on her Golden Fleece. Shaina’s vet Dr. Don (who retired last year) came to the house and helped her out of pain. Even though I know it was time. I will always love her and miss her forever. 12 years was not enough. Until we meet again and forever in my heart.
Shaina left her paw prints on the hearts of all that knew her.

We wish to personally thank, Dr. Donald Berdan (retired) for his caring and years of service. (Yup, Berdan is a B word) and IS Bengal Approved. He dove 50 miles one way on his day off to help Shaina.

We also thank Dr.Choy, Dr. Sellon, and the staff at WSU for their caring, warm wishes, and donations to Shaina’s Memorial.

Tom & Donna M.

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