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Giza's Memorial
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Giza's memorial was created on 3/18/2013.
This is Giza. Giza was my constant companion through her 18 years. She was the sweetest cat I've ever known. She had an often hilarious love of certain human foods. As a kitten she once made off with an entire pork chop from my plate when I wasn't looking, a cut of meat that was nearly as large as she was at the time! She loved yogurt, and while I didn't often give it to her, occasionally she would get to lick the residue out of a yogurt container when I was done with it. She was very thorough in getting every last bit out, presenting us with an enormously funny visual of this tiny red cat with a yogurt container for a head!

Giza was a purebred Somali and had a couple of chronic health problems we had to regularly medicate her to treat. She stoically endured this without putting up a fight, it was like she knew what we were doing was to help her. I miss her very much.

Andre F.

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