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Dr. Jones

Dr. Jones's Memorial
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Dr. Jones's memorial was created on 7/23/2014.
Dr. Jones passed away in May 2014, way too soon.

There are simply no words for how much happiness he brought us. The Doc was a huge part of our little family. He was the snuggliest, sweetest, most social cat either of us have ever met. He came when he was called. Like, every time. He always wanted to be hanging out in whatever room we were in. Standing on his hind legs to greet visitors and just being a general ham, he charmed the socks off the most hardened cat-hater. He had a personality so big that a friend once dressed as him for Halloween.

Although we miss him like crazy, our lives are better for having had him in it. We remember his little face and the silly things he would do, and smile every day.

Kirsten and Oliver

Kirsten and Oliver E.

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