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Rev's Memorial
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Donations were made in Rev's memory by Alissa  L. and Alissa  L.. Her memorial was created on 10/25/2013.
I miss you.. I miss your face, your cold nose, high fives, playing monkey, you under my desk everyday, your tail, watching you follow Gary everywhere, your paws, seeing you on the center console in the truck, bedtime, grizzly bears, greeting me at the door, (as if you hadn't seen my for days, when it has only been a couple hours.) you telling me "I love you," your face when you eat a peanut, your bark, your bad breath, having you by my side 24 hours a day, taking you for your afternoon walk, giving you treats, you being the baby and putting your head on my shoulder, you burrowed under the blankets, watching TV with you, watching you run around the yard, having full conversations with you, picking you up, hearing you walk across the hardwood floors, having you sit by me at dinner time, I miss my friend, I miss Rev

Alissa L.

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