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Bruiser's Memorial
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A donation was made in Bruiser's memory by Doctors and Staff of the Sacajawea Healthcare for Pets. His memorial was created on 9/14/2012.
In loving memory of Bruiser, my 10 year old 6 ½ pound Chihuahua, who died on March 27, 2012 of heart failure.
Bruiser was always a happy little character with lots of personality and playfulness. He was so full of love and kisses. He loved his walks, his toys, riding in the car on my shoulders so he could look out (and sometimes fall asleep). He loved burrowing under blankets and sometimes I would have to call his name to find him. I would see a blanket move and a head pop up as he didn’t want to miss anything. He loved catching peas that would sometimes fall as I shelled them. He loved for me to hide his toy “mouse” so he could find it.
I am thankful for the gentle care and compassion shown to Bruiser and me by “Sacajawea Healthcare for Pets” – especially Dr. Virgin - clear up to the end of Bruiser’s life.
I miss my best little buddy and will always cherish his memory. He added so much to my life.

Judy B.

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