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Zadin's Memorial
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A donation was made in Zadin's memory by Doctors and Staff of Fairwood Animal Hospital . His memorial was created on 2/26/2014.
This is my Zadin. Who found me only 7 years ago, and changed my life forever. I always referred to him as my special needs child. He had many health challenges over the years, but was always so brave and strong and gentle and so sweet. There are so many things now that remind me of him or something funny or silly he did. It makes me smile for a moment but also make me sad because I will never see him like that again. His loss has put a huge whole in my heart. I have been thru tough times the last few years and he was always there to comfort me. In turn I loved and cared for his every need. Two years ago when he was five we found out for sure he has CHF. He was very close to dying then. Wsu saved him along with my very special Dr.Hart and his equally special staff at Fairwood Animal Hospital in Spokane. With meds and the best care he made it to more years and was happy and loved. Then another episode of the CHF hit and his little heart could take no more. He took his last breath on 2/14/2014. I am so heart broken over his loss,but so grateful for the time we did have. Some of those bonds can never be broken. He was and always will be my most precious and special child. Jen

Jennifer & Travis S.

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