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Pacha's Memorial
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Pacha's memorial was created on 8/31/2012.
Pacha - Forever Young

Pacha was a wonderful dog. We lost him so suddenly to an internal problem that showed no symptoms until about an hour before he passed- a ruptured tumor possibly.
We adopted him from a family who had 4 big dogs and needed a give one away-he was about 1 year old and a gorgeous Golden Retriever /Black Lab mix. He looked like a platinum golden and weighed about 100 pounds when he was adult. He was energetic, enthusiastic and so sensitive to our mood s and hurts. Always ready to go, play and just hang. He was a great companion to our other dog,
Pacha was such a large part of our lives- I never thought I would lose him so soon or so suddenly. Lester and I grieve so and miss him so much. He was such good company and such a huge part of our lives Pacha was truly a puppy until l the end- always an enthusiastic greeter–he would wag so much and voice a trilling noise when I would come home.

Pacha was Forever Young.

Bobbi S.

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