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Mauya's Memorial
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A donation was made in Mauya's memory by Doctors and Staff of the Green Lake Animal Hospital. Her memorial was created on 9/21/2012.
Mauya Graff, 1996-2012

Mauya, whose name means deep, soft snow in Central Inuit, was, according to our vet, the best American Eskimo he had ever known, "And I've known a lot of them." We only knew Mauya, and she was a great dog. We were looking at a litter of golden-lab mix puppies when a dandelion puff pranced through the door and curled up in my 10-year-old daughter's lap. We were goners. Mauya did everything a dog was supposed to do--run, fetch, protect, love--and very few things she wasn't, if you don't count incessant barking and snapping at the mail carrier. Her soulful eyes and glorious white fur got us stopped on the street almost every day. She loved going to the beach and really loved playing in the snow. She would bound thru the drifts of a rare Seattle snowstorm, snapping at snowflakes and poking her nose through the icy crust. She clearly smiled at the whiteness all around her. Mauya lived her 16 1/2 years in the same house, patiently letting us carry her when the stairs became too much, impatiently waiting for her bit of morning egg, and being a Zen dog much of the rest of the time. She was the nicest dog we ever knew.

Wendy G.

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