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Snoopy's Memorial
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A donation was made in Snoopy's memory by Doctors and Staff of the Chuckanut Valley Veterinary Clinic. Her memorial was created on 6/16/2013.
2003 – MARCH 7, 2013
It was sometime in September 2004, me (Jennifer) and my boyfriend (David) were settled into our house with my cat Niles. One evening I was looking in the newspaper and found in the free section for a female germen shepherd mix to a good home. We called up on it and went up the next day to take a look at her and possible take her home. We drove up to concrete where we met her owner’s two female friends that lived together and were moving to Bellingham and could not take Snoopy with them. Apparently they have been trying for a while to find her a new home. Other people tried but would bring her back. She was even in the Humane Society for a while and they had to take her back because she would not eat and was terrified of everybody. Any way we go into the house they took us through the living room and into the kitchen where in the corner by the door with a baby gate was a beautiful 1 year old black and tan German shepherd. She did not even bark at us or growl. She immediately warmed up to us. Her owners could not believe it, Snoopy chose us to take her. We took her for a walk and she was terrific, she really enjoyed us. They immediately said she is ours, we just need your names, phone number, and address so we can come and she her once in a while and bring her Christmas gifts. She loved cats and when we brought her home and into the house she met Niles for the first time that was sleeping on the bed. The cat immediately freaked out screaming, all puffed up and literally climbing the windows and walls looking for a way out and Snoopy remained calm the whole time and was like; “what was that about, I only wanted to give him a kiss”. Once Snoopy got used to her surroundings and used to the whole thing she started guarding outside. First off she hated our neighbor lady. One day Snoopy cornered her with teeth showing and growling. We lived in town and the neighbor was too close for her. Also she loved to poop in her flower beds just to make the neighbor lady mad. Some days the neighbor lady would be working on her flower beds and Snoopy would sneak up on her and bark at her then run off. Not too long after that the neighbor lady put a fence up. Next Snoopy did not like the people that lived in the rental house across the street and would chase them into their own house. We had to tie her up cause she would get into trouble, she was very protective. She was a strong dog, we would have her tied up on the front porch and if weird people walked by on the street too close to the front yard, she would bark and run to the end of her chain with boom! Boom! Boom! She was strong. One evening we woke up to her nudging us, half asleep we decided to let her loose to go potty, she runs out barking and growling, 2 people were stealing gas out of our truck, they ran to their car and Snoopy would not let them get in. We called the police and they came and took over.
We would take her with us to do Security, she was a natural. Always alert and watched our backs.
We later moved out in the country spring of 2006, the city was getting to us. She did great out here mostly stayed on the property, and stayed around the house. We let her run out here. Snoopy made a dog friend out here. Every once in awhile a medium black mixed female would come over to visit. She and Snoopy would play together for a while then she would go home. In 2009 Snoopy started walking different and cuffing her feet in the rear. Later she was diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy which slowly got worse. In 2010 we got a female husky/malamute mix puppy named Shasta. It took a week until Snoopy was happy about it. Snoopy had been depressed a lot. Our new puppy cheered her up. They became best buddies for life.
Snoopy taught Shasta a lot about watching the place. Shasta and Snoopy loved to dig holes together and chase each other. They played all the time. Snoopy progressively got worse by each year that went by. She got to the point where she could not stand on her rear legs. At first she did not care she would still chase the crows. She hated crows with a passion. She would run with her front legs and drag her ass on the ground and could go fast. One day when we were trying to get her in the SUV to take her to the vet, I thought she could no longer run with her front legs, well when she got an opening she took of lickitey split for the other side of the house dragging her ass. Later she started getting urine infections at the end because she was not emptying her bladder completely which is a harbor for infections from what our veterinarian told us. She took medications, every day we were giving her medications. Towards the end the vet did an ultrasound of her abdomen which was in bad shape she had an enlarged bladder with a thick wall around it. Inside her bladder was a tumor and her infection had spread to her kidneys, she was dying. We got antibiotics to keep her going a little longer and come back in a few weeks to check her urine again, it was still bad. We couldn’t put her down so the vet set a date to put her down and gave us a few last days with her. He gave her medication to keep her comfortable in the meantime. Those last days she did not play at all, Monday March 6, 2013 she stopped eating and taking her medication. She kept getting worse and moving her head really slow, she was dying. We spent time with her and said our goodbyes; she passed away sometime overnight after we went to bed. We found her dead the next morning. She will always be in our hearts; she was greatly loved, and will be missed.

David & Jennifer G.

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