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Quigley's Memorial
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A donation was made in Quigley's memory by Doctors and Staff of the Northwest Animal Hospital. His memorial was created on 9/18/2013.
Drs. Mark Donovan and Ann Whereat of Northwest Veterinary Hospital in Seattle recently made a donation to WSU's College of Veterinary Medicine in memorial of our cat Quigley.

We are touched by their kindness and delighted that your professional school is the recipient of this gift.

You invited us to say a few words about Quigley: He was a large, rangy, sweet-tempered tabby who belonged to our friend Chris for 15 years. When Chris and his family had to move to New York City to deal with family members' illnesses, it seemed best for Quigley to remain in Seattle and we were happy to take him in. He adjusted immediately to our household (four female cats) and loved spending sunny afternoons in our back yard, watching butterflies. In Seattle's rainy weather, he stayed either on the desk in my office or in the kitchen, where he took over the cat bed that was warmed by the under-cabinet lighting. He was so quiet that it was a surprise when he suddenly appeared next to you and nudged you with his long muzzle. He loved to be brushed!

Quigley got along so well with other cats that one day he brought home a friend — a big male tabby that looked exactly like him. We did some sleuthing and found out that this second cat belonged to one of our neighbors; we had to wonder if the two of them were long-lost brothers.

We had Quigley for just over a year before his final illness, but it was a wonderful year for everyone involved. Thank you to Chris for trusting us to take care of this sweet old guy, and thank you to Dr. Donovan for the excellent care he gave Quigley over the years.

Karen A. & Tom W.

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