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Gustav's Memorial
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A donation was made in Gustav's memory by Conrad K.. His memorial was created on 8/22/2014.

Gustav, or as he became so lovingly known in our family, “Goosebump” or “Goose”, was the victim of a divorce between two people to whom he had been a companion for ten years, since he had been a puppy. They relinquished him to the Northwest German Shepherd Rescue organization when they moved out-of-state. Their loss was our gain. Goose had been neglected for some time yet he was a gentleman and carried himself with dignity. While he could be stubborn and downright obstinate at times, Goosebump was one of the most loving, sweet, untroublesome members of our family. He was a devoted, affectionate, good-natured and mild-mannered companion. Goosebump loved to be loved, to be hugged, to be kissed, to be talked to and to be touched.

From the moment he claimed his position under the television in our bedroom, Goosebump knew he was home and that he was his Mommy’s boy. At first, he just wanted to lie on the floor in the bedroom, and every bed we put in his space he pushed away. Then we got him a memory foam bolster bed, and he decided that was acceptable to him. Goosebump stayed with us for three years before it was time for him to go onto a new adventure, yet it seemed like he had been with us for all his life. We are eternally grateful to Goose for graciously accepting us as his loving second family. We love our Gustav, and we will do so for eternity. Your loving family, Holly and Mike, and all the dogs and cats.

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