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Marquis's Memorial
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A donation was made in Marquis's memory by Doctors and Staff of the Stuart Animal Hospital. His memorial was created on 10/8/2013.
In 2008, when I joined my husband in retirement we agreed that we wanted another Standard Poodle to share our home. Finances were an issue, but through a friend we found Marquis. He was a six-year-old retired AKC Best-In-Show, known in the show dog world as “Flawless by De Beers.” Evidently, Marquis was a distant relative of one of the early greats named after the De Beers diamonds of Africa. He was existing in a caring kennel environment, but his eyes and gentle, intelligent expression clearly were asking for love. We had that to give and the owners were delighted to give him to us.

We are not show dog people just simple dog lovers. Off we went to a beautiful park on our first day together. Marquis did not leave my side although he was not on lead. He did not step off the sidewalk on to the grass and stood there shaking, while the other dogs romped around happily. One dog, in particular, seemed to come over to comfort him; over the years he and April would remain the best of friends. Although I work as a therapist, It took me awhile to realize that my show dog was not used to such freedom and wide open spaces; we were clearly on a learning curve.

The next weekend we held a party at our home. I felt Marquis needed to stay in the bedroom, my husband on-the-other-hand, felt he should join us until his behavior indicated otherwise. Well, another surprise. Marquis, stole the show, going from group to group, sitting, and obviously enjoying the conversations and liveliness. He was wearing a bowtie and looked and acted like the butler on Downton Abbey. This was a stage he understood.

Over the years, he grew to love the park, but was always ready for a party. He lead me through the rigorous Delta Society Therapy Dog Training Program, literally following all directions with ease while I stumbled through the paces. He was a drop-dead, gorgeous dog who brought such joy to so many in schools, restaurants, and homes.

Sadly, my husband’s health deteriorated over the next few years. I went back to work and Marquis stayed home never leaving my husband’s side; as long as he could, Dick took Marquis to the park where they sat on the nearest bench together. On April 7th, 2013 my husband, Dick, died peacefully at home. Marquis began vomiting and refusing to eat throughout May. Drs. Katz and Ortiz were unable to determine what was the matter and referred us on to The Animal Emergency Referral Center, Ft. Pierce, Fl, where a devoted team did their best to determine the problem. By the end of June, it was obvious that it would be unfair to prolong Marquis’ life and so on June 30th, he left us.

Perhaps, he needed to be with his pal, my husband, Dick. Marquis was a loving, life- saving presence during my difficult, caring giving years.
On October 19th, we will place plaques to both my husband and Marquis on their favorite bench at the park and then return home to celebrate Marquis in the way he loved best-a party for his many friends and admirers.

“In His hand is the life of every creature, and the breath of all mankind. Job 12:10”

Until we meet again, dear ones.

Blanche W.

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