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I would like to thank Dr. Leese of Mountain Empire Veterinary Services for sending a donation to WSU Pet Memorial Fund in Mouse Cat's name. Mouse Cat was a rescued cat but unlike most rescued animals, Mouse was rescued from the "bush" in Grenada, West Indies.

Our daughter Lori was attending St. George's University for Veterinary Medicine when some of the students found a litter of small kittens in the "bush". Knowing they would not survive with the numerous packs of wild dogs, the student took them in and Lori and Mouse became quick friends. Mouse travelled back and forth from Spokane to Grenada for the next two years each time Lori would come home to visit. No one told Mouse he was feral and so he accepted the life of a domestic pet. Lori's clinical year of veterinary school was spent at WSU. At that time Mouse lived here with us in Spokane and as Lori graduated from vet school and moved to Georgia to practice, Mouse made Spokane his permanent home. Mouse was not a sit on your lap type of cat. He was a "aren't you lucky I'm in the room" type of feline.

Mouse's favorite past times were teasing the dog, chasing bugs at dusk and sleeping on the bed.

Thank you Dr. Leese for helping us keep Mouse happy and healthy.

Sue S.

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