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Reggie's Memorial
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Donations were made in Reggie's memory by Doctors and Staff of the Anaheim Hills Pet Clinic and Rozella G. and Florence H. and Leslie A.. His memorial was created on 3/6/2014.
Reggie was the best dog ever. We got him from Border Collie Rescue when he was 3 months old, and he was a shy, chubby, fluffy ball of fur. In his lifetime he competed to the highest level in Agility Competitions, usually getting blue and red ribbons. He did flyball, but really didn't like it, he showed me this by being the least competitive dog there. He was in a movie called, "Dog Lovers Symphony" as an extra. The fame didn't go to his head, he was kind and gentle and respectful all his life. He knew his verbal signals to a tee. But most of all, he was my baby till the end. My favorite dog ever. He was 11-1/2 when he passed and to the end, he would do what ever I asked of him. We hugged every day and I took him everywhere that I could. Sometimes we'd just get in the car and drive around, because I knew he loved it so much. He is missed by his little sister, Mandy, who is an Australian Terrier. He taught her what was right and wrong in the home, I didn't have to teach her much to make her just as perfect as him. Reggie loved to eat, anything, anytime. He loved kale and veggie scraps and ate them every day! In the last few months of his life his hearing faltered. Then out of the blue he got a tumor that was cancerous. Poor guy, it was so fast, but I guess that's ok, since he didn't have to suffer at all. I love you, Reggie, and one day we will meet again and you can jump in my arms and I will hold you.

Tracey G.

Comments by: Rozella G
The road to my heart is paved with paw prints. ~ Reggie was a Great Beautiful Sweetie Pie

Comments by: Florence H
Dear Reggie, What a beautiful companion and best friend you were to Tracey! You were such a gentleman and a gentle leader showing new canine members the Tracey way to behave. We will all miss your expressive smile and (mostly) soft "woof" and wagging tail! Rest easy, friend! Hugs from the Hansens

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