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Lit'l Bit

Lit'lBit, nickname "Pup", joined our family in December 2000 as a 6 week old Chihuahua with an attitude! She always thought she was big and always stood her ground. She was mainly a one person dog, but made room for my husband in her life too. My husband was a cross country truck driver and gone a lot. With our children grown and moved away, it was Lit'lBit and me! She was always there for me, when I came home from work I never walked into an empty house, Lit'lBit was there to greet me and keep me company, we became "best friends".............she was one of the most important things in my life and she regarded me in the same way. Between jobs, Lit'lBit and I went trucking with my husband. For almost 2 years we went along on every trip. Lit'lBit had her own window right by her bed, and loved to look out as we drove. These were the best years in Lit'lBit's life, she loved trucking! We would return home for a weekend every two or three weeks. While home Lit'lBit would watch like a hawk and if my husband or I went close to the door, she was there..............she wasn't going to risk us leaving without her! She provided us with much entertainment and happy times. About 2 years ago Lit'lBit was diagnosed with diabetes and she required insulin shots twice a day, plus a special diet. With her attitude I was so scared, because I didn't see how she would ever tolerate anyone giving her those shots. I need not have been concerned, Lit'lBit couldn't have been more understanding, she made it easy and kind of stooped down and held very still every single time I came with her injection! It was just amazing how wonderful she was about it all. Cataracts developed very quickly and soon Lit'lBit had sight in only one eye and within weeks she was completely blind. At first she acted confused, and it did curtail her activities as she never wanted to go up and down the stairs again. She knew her way around downstairs and seemed very happy in the surroundings she was familiar with. Lit'lBit displayed great courage and adapted to not seeing, and then she lost her hearing also, but she still adapted to what life handed her and was extremely happy with her treats and us! Then one morning Lit'lBit got up, went potty and curled up in her bed to wait for me with her injection, as she always did, and just slipped away. She lived her life with great courage and dignity and provided me with abounding love and companionship. I loved her so, I always will.

Arlene B.

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