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William's Memorial
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A donation was made in William's memory by Kim G.. His memorial was created on 10/9/2012.
I adopted William as a companion to Ellie who lost her mate. It took a while for them to bond, but they became best friends over time. Ellie passed away about 2 years ago, leaving William alone. He had cat friends to keep him company, and enjoyed warm afternoons out in the yard in his pen (he was an indoor house rabbit). He lived to 7 years old. He is buried in the back yard under the tree next to his best friend Ellie.
Losing a pet is very hard, and they will always be missed. It's better to have had an animal for a few years than have never had them at all. Their lives are so much shorter, but they give so much without even trying!
Wherever he is now, I hope he's with Ellie hopping around in the sunshine with unlimited dried banana chips and dandelion leaves.

Tom G.

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