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Targhee's Memorial
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A donation was made in Targhee's memory by Dr. Summer Winger and Kathrine Polzin of Circle S Mobile Veterinary Services. Her memorial was created on 2/9/2013.
Jack's Unexpected Friend~
She came running, bounding, out of the woods with a huge rock in her mouth...a happy wild look in her eyes. She was wet from the belly down and brown like melted chocolate. Her Chesapeake curls catching the sun, flashed a hint of red.
We tamed her predator interest in the cats, but never cooled that boundless love of the outdoors... trails...streams...the teasing call of tree squirrels and her writhing rolls in the crystalline snow. Her gusto GO seemed way beyond expected limits with monster retrieve splash entries smoothing into that torpedo glide,
searching,scenting,finding...that bracing welcome back shake...the
"please don't stop" look.
The Tetons echoed in her from the tree-lined path to Hidden Lake, the heights of Crow's Nest, crashing down Andy Stone, to the frigid roll of Moose Creek...and a thousand gentle sunset evenings.
DM paralysis started, slowly putting physical boundaries on how much, how far, how long she could go. Her spirit unbroken made her back support wheels fly, and the otter stroke of her swim stayed strong as ever...for awhile...
Targhee, our rescued Chesapeake, wasn't supposed to bond with me, the un-dog person,but she did,and in that act, rescued me right back. Farewell, our great and beloved friend.

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