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Bobo's Memorial
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Bobo's memorial was created on 1/8/2014.
Now days, I find myself looking for Bobo in his normal places but then I have to remind myself that he is in heaven sharing his love with others that have gone before him. I was deeply touched to learn that Bobo would be included in the Pet Memorial Program at WSU. My eternal gratitude goes out to the staff of Vista Veterinary Hospital in Kennewick for this wonderful tribute in memory of Bobo and for their loving care of Bobo during his lifetime.
Bobo was born on June 12, 2000 to registered Pekingese parents in Epping, North Dakota. In August of 2000, my wife and I planned a trip to North Dakota to spend time camping and fishing with family and friends. Several days after being at the lake, the girls went to town for shopping. When they came back they had a new member of the family; a very small, black and brown fur-ball puppy. The very first night, he climbed into my sleeping bag with me, snuggled up and went sound asleep. He had me hooked from that moment forward.
As Bobo matured, he developed a wonderful personality and a remarkable disposition. He was very quiet and most of the time you didn’t even know that he was in the house. That is until he smelled one of his favorite foods, chicken. Then he would let out a little squeaky bark that you would expect from a toy puppy. That was one of the most wonderful, pleasing sound that I remember from his early years. And his intellect was remarkable; he learned very quickly the boundaries of the yard. He would go out to meet anyone that walked by and then follow them to the edge of the sidewalk as they departed. He soon had a large following of neighbors and friends that stopped by to see him frequently.
When Bobo was five years old, he lost the women that made him a member of our family and I lost my wife. It was a difficult time for both of us but with each other’s help and companionship, we manage to make it through. Now it was the two of us and he adopted me as his primary caregiver. I am grateful every day for all the wonderful memories that we had together. He was my constant companion going wherever I did and sharing his love and joy along the way with everyone.
In October of 2012, Bobo was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma of his left front paw. Within two weeks of the diagnoses he underwent surgery at WSU-VTH for forelimb amputation. I am very thankful to the outstanding staff and wonderful care that Bobo received during his hospitalization at WSU-VTH. Now with only one front leg, he did have restricted mobility but his attitude and zest for life remained as strong as ever. Soon he learned to hop on the one front leg and was getting around the house quite nicely, especially when it came to meal time. I admire him for teaching me to live in the present and enjoy every minute of life.
As 2013 progressed, Bobo’s cancer came back and spread to other parts of his body and on the morning of November 4th he lost his courageous battle for life. I thank God for every moment that Bobo spent with me and eternally grateful for the opportunity to share his love. That afternoon, I visited our family grave site to let them know that Bobo had died. As I knelt there to say that Bobo was coming to heaven; a loud, clear voice echoed through my mind saying “He’s Already Here”. My heart was uplifted knowing that Bobo would be with his first love for all eternity.
Thank you for allowing me to share my little Bobo with you.
Rest in peace “little man”,

Bob E

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